How to Thread a Sewing Machine Singer Simple

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Single Simple is a series of beginner-friendly sewing machines with straightforward features. It is also pretty easy to set up and thread the machine. In this guide, we will discuss how to thread a sewing machine Singer Simple. We will discuss the procedure of threading the Singer Simple 3337 machine.

You can also utilize the guide to sew the other sewing device from the series, including the Simple 3116, 2262, 3232, etc. Let’s start with bobbin winding.

How to Thread a Sewing Machine Singer Simple

Winding the Bobbin of Singer Simple Machines

The Singer’s Simple series machines arrive with the typical procedure of bobbin winding. Here is the step by step guide for bobbin winding:

Position the Spool

First, get the bobbin from the bobbin case. Then put the thread spool through the spool pin on the top of the machine. Slide spool thread through the pin and place on the spool cap. Then turn it down to the ideal position.

Guide the Thread

You will find a printed diagram on the machine that describes how to run the thread for bobbin winding. As the diagram illustrates, run the thread through the first thread guide. The thread guide is situated on the top-left side of the machine. 

Then run the thread through the bobbin winder tension disc. It should be available in front of the bobbin guide. Snap the thread clockwise for once. Make sure to reel some thread for the next step.

Feed the Bobbin

Now take the bobbin and hold the thread in the center of the bobbin. There should be holes on both sides of the bobbin. Run the thread through one of these holes and place it on the bobbin winding spool while holding the thread’s end. You should hear a click sound, which ensures that the bobbin is positioned correctly.

Then push the bobbin to the right. It will put the machine in the bobbin winding mode.

Run the Foot Controller

Step on the foot controller and run it while holding the end of the thread. Now run the foot controller to start winding the bobbin. After winding a bit, you can get rid of the thread’s tail by trimming it close to the bobbin. Then wind the bobbin as long as required for your project.

Keep running the machine if you want a full bobbin. The device will automatically stop when the bobbin is full. Push the bobbin to the left when the winding is completed. Then take out the bobbin and cut the thread.

Put the Bobbin in its Case

Now we will put the bobbin back in the bobbin case. Make sure that the thread is in the left or counter-clockwise while doing so. After placing the bobbin, hold the tail and run it around, following the machine’s arrows. There will be a cutter at the end of the printed arrow, which will automatically cut the thread.  Put the bobbin case in its place when you are done.

Threading the Needle

Now we will thread the needle. It is pretty straightforward when compared with wind threading. Here is how to thread the needle in the Singer Simple machine:

Raise the Presser Foot

Begin with raising the presser foot and presser foot lifter entirely. You should be able to see the take-up lever after raising the presser foot and the lifter. Turn the handwheel in front of you if you can’t see the lever. It will make the lever visible. 

Run the Thread Through the Guide

Now put the spool of thread on the spool pin. Slide the spool to the pin and then put the spool cap. You can now follow the grey diagram for threading the needle. Run the tail of the thread through the first metal thread guide. Then draw the thread’s end through the second thread guide and bring it forward. 

Run the Thread through the Arrow

Now follow the arrow from the second thread guide to run the thread through the groove. Keep going until you reach arrow-4, then take a U-turn and go back up until you get the take-up lever. Then take the thread through the take-up lever following the arrow. 

Bring the thread to the back of the machine after passing it through the take-up lever. The needle will be in the eye of the lever after doing so. After doing so, run the thread through the groove beside the arrow-6.

Threading the Needle

Now at the end of the groove, there should be a small metal hook. You will need to put the thread behind the knob. There is another hook at the top of the needle, and you will need to pass the thread behind it. Finally, you can now thread the needle using the automatic needle threader. 

Take the needle to its highest position by turning the wheel toward self. Then push the needle threader lever all the way down. Then wrap the thread down and around the metal of the lever. Then pass the thread through the hook, which is in the exact position of the needle’s eye. Hold the tail of the thread still and release the needle threader lever.

That’s it; you are done. You can also thread the needle without the automatic needle threader by passing the thread through the needle’s eye.


Threading a Singer Simple sewing machine will be very confusing at the beginning. However, you will be able to do it effortlessly and quickly after practicing a while. We hope that the write-up will help you to learn how to thread the Singer Simple machines easily.


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