How to Thread a Sewing Machine Brother?

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Threading a sewing machine is one of the trickiest things to learn for beginners. However, with detailed guidelines and repetitive practice, the process should become easier. In our today’s guide, we will let you know how to thread a sewing machine Brother.

Every sewing machine includes a user-manual describing the process of threading and other functionalities. We will try to make the threading process more manageable through the document. You can use the detailed guide to thread most of the regular sewing machines from the Brother brand.

How to Thread a Sewing Machine Brother?

How to Thread a Sewing Machine from Brother?

Brother is the leading sewing machine brand with a track of 100 years. The machines are incredibly durable, easy to use, and high performing. Threading the brother sewing machines is also pretty easy. The entire procedure can be divided into three steps, which we will describe below.

Winding the Bobbin

First, we will need to thread the bobbin.  You will find the bobbin of the machine on the bobbin case under the needle. Take out the bobbin from there. Most of the Brother sewing machines use Class 15 or Class 16 Bobbin. If you want to use an external bobbin, make sure that you have picked the right one.

Then follow the below steps:

Put Thread Spool on the Spool Pin

Find the spool pin situated on the top right of the machine and then pull it up. Then position the thread spool on the spool pin. You should be able to release the thread from the spool effortlessly if you have done everything correctly.

Some Brother sewing machines may feature a horizontal spool pin with a spool cap. You will need to position the cap correctly after sliding the spool in such cases.

Pass the thread through the guide

Now release some thread from the Brother thread spool. Now take the thread’s tail to the winding tension disc at the opposite end of the machine. There should be a printed arrow on the device that guides you through the path.

Snap the thread under and around the pre-tension disk at a counter-clockwise motion. You should feel the tension on the thread after doing so.

Thread the Bobbin

Now take the bobbin and give a closer look at it. You should see that it has holes all over the edges. Now pass the thread through one of the holes of the bobbin. Then secure the thread by wrapping it around the bobbin a few times.

Position Bobbin on Bobbin Pin

Now you will need to put the bobbin on the bobbin pin. It will be on top of the machine in front of the spool pin. Pass the bobbin through the pin, and you should hear a click sound after doing it correctly. Now slide the bobbin pin to the right to lock it for winding.

 Wind the Bobbin

Now turn on the machine or press the foot pedal to start winding. Keep doing it until the bobbin becomes full. Some machines should automatically stop when the bobbin is full. If the feature is not available on your machine, you will need to stop manually. Stop the foot pedal or use the off button to do so.

You have successfully completed the bobbin winding.

How to Installing the Bobbin

Installing the bobbin is pretty straightforward. Press the bobbin pin to the right and take out the bobbin. Trim the thread to free it. Then follow the below steps for the installation: 

Position the Needle at Up

Turn off the sewing machine and raise the needle and press the foot all the way up. If there is an up/down switch on the device, then use it for raising. Else, turn the handwheel towards you slowly to raise the needle to the highest position. 

Drop the Bobbin

Now remove the bobbin case cover by pressing the button near it. Drop the bobbin in a way so that the endpoint of the thread comes out from the top. You may also follow the printed diagram beside the case to understand the procedure. The bobbin should spin counter-clockwise if you turn the thread’s tail.

Pass the Thread through the Slit

Now search for a groove that starts from the bobbin case and goes to the machine’s end by forming an “S” shape. Pass the tail of the thread through the line following the arrowed guideline. When you reach the endpoint, the thread should be trimmed automatically. If it cuts, then you have successfully installed the bobbin.

After completing the steps, put the bobbin case cover back at its position and move to the next step. 

How to Threading the Needle

Now you will know how to thread the upper thread of the sewing machine. The machine should be off, and the presser foot and needle should be in a raised position. Also, make sure that the thread spool is on the spool pin. After setting everything correctly, follow the below guide to complete the threading.

Pass the Thread Through the Guide

Pull out some thread from the spool and pass it following the printed diagram to the tension disc. It is on the top left of the machine. There should be a “U” shaped hook in the tension guide. You will need to pass the thread through the shape and bring it in front of the machine. 

Run the Thread Through the Groove

Now run the thread through the groove following the arrow. Take it all the way down until you reach the “U” shaped arrow. Following the indicator, bring the thread up through the second groove until you come to the take-up lever. It should be available on the end of the left side of the “U” shaped groove.

There should be a hole cut on the take-up lever. Snap the thread around it and bring it down again to the needle.

Threading the Needle

There should be another hook at the top end of the needle. Pass the thread through the hook. Now draw the thread through the eye of the needle and pull out a few inches of it. Then pass the thread through the small presser foot and place it behind the foot.

If you have an automatic needle threader, then you may not want to do it manually. If you don’t know how to use an automatic needle threader, follow the below guide.

How to Use Automatic Needle Threader in Brother Sewing Machine?

Nowadays, a lot of Brother sewing machines arrive with an automatic needle threader. It is effortless to thread the needle by employing the feature. Here is how to make use of the automatic needle threader feature:

  1. Find the needle threader lever and bring it down and hold it still with one hand. 
  2. Pass the thread through the v-shaped hook in the lever.
  3. Then draw the thread near the hook that is aligned with the needle’s eye.
  4. Now release the lever while holding the thread. As the lever goes back to its place, the needle will be threaded.


The threading procedure of the Brother sewing machine will be pretty hard during the first times. However, it will become easier with consistent practice. We hope the guide will help you to learn to thread the Brother sewing machine.


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