How to Thread a Brother Sewing Machine Correctly

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The Brother Sewing Machines are very popular amongst sewing professionals and hobbits. Most beginners prefer a sewing machine from Brother because of the quality and ease of use. If you are a beginner sewing artist, then the first thing you need to know is how to thread a brother sewing machine. 

Threading is often described as one of the hardest parts of learning sewing. However, with regular practice and patience, you can be a master of threading. You will find a detailed guide in the user manual on how to thread the machine. However, the guide may not be fully unfolding, as it includes so many technical terms.

How to Thread a Brother Sewing Machine Correctly

Check out the below guide to acknowledge the step by step process of sewing a brother sewing machine. 

How to Thread a Brother Sewing Machine 

In this guide, we will break down the entire process of threading a sewing machine into various steps. We will describe how to wind and install the bobbin, threading the needle, and processing the rest of the works. You can use the guide to thread most of the Brother sewing machines. Check out the steps from below:

How to Wind the Bobbin

The first thing you need to do is winding the bobbin. The part is pretty straightforward. Here are the steps you need to follow:

Step-1: Position the Spool

If you have already wounded the bobbin, then you can skip this step. If not, begin with dragging up or out the spool pin and insert the spool on it. Note that your sewing machine needs to be turned off while doing so. 

Step-2: Pass the thread through the pre-tension disc

Now find the endpoint of the thread and pass it through the pre-tension disk. The bobbin tension disc will be situated on the opposite side. Make sure that the spool is positioned correctly so that you can pass the thread in a clockwise direction. 

Step-3: Thread the Bobbin

Now pull the endpoint of the thread and it should comfortably come out from the spool. Pass the thread through a hole of the bobbin and then wrap it on the bobbin so that it can hold the thread firmly. 

Step-4: Attach the Bobbin on its Pin

There should be a small bobbin pin near the spool pin. Check out the diagram of the machine from the user manual if you cannot locate it. On slide the pin to the right to lock it on the position. There should be a click sound after a successful locking.

Step-5: Wind the Bobbin

Now push the foot pedal to start winding the bobbin. Some machines may also feature a button to automatically wind the bobbin. It will only require several pedals to complete winding the bobbin. Once the bobbin is becoming full, the machine should slow down.

Step-6: Finish the Winding 

Some sewing devices will stop the winding when the bobbin becomes full. However, if the procedure is not automatically stopped, you will need to stop it manually. Stop pressing the foot pedal or click on the turn off switch for doing so. Now cut the thread and remove the bobbin by sliding the pin left. 

How to Thread the Needle

This step is going to be a little tricky. Go through the below steps carefully to thread the needle car perfectly:

Step-1: Position the Spool on the Spool Pin

From the above discussion of bobbin winding, you should already know about the spool pin location. It will be on the upper right of the machine. You may also check the diagram on the user-manual to find the Spool Pin. You will need to put the spool in that pin.

Step-2: Pass the Thread through Thread Guide

Release some thread from the spool and then pass it through the thread guide. The thread guide will be a silver color piece coming out of the machine on the top-left. There should be printed instructions in front of the thread guide. Follow the instructions to pass the thread to the arrowed direction. 

Step-3: Pass the thread through the bottom tension disc

Now pull the endpoint of the thread in front of you. Then pass it through the bottom tension disc. Then pull the thread again and pass it through the second thread guide above. The second thread guide will be aside from the first one. Follow the prints on the machine to understand how to pass it. 

Step-4: Wrap the thread on the take-up lever 

The take-up lever is situated in the middle of the bottom tension disc and thread guide. It is a piece of metal that includes a hole cut in the head. You will need to pass the thread through the hole. Note that the thread should not be stuck on it. Instead, it will be able to move freely when you pull it. 

Step-5: Thread the Needle

Now pull the thread in front and take it to the needle. If there are LEDs on your Brother sewing machine, then turn them on. You can also use other light sources to see the tiny hole of the needle. Pull a few inches of the thread after passing it through the needle.

How to Installing the Bobbin

Now we will install the bobbin and it is going to be pretty easy. Here are the steps that you need to implement:

Step-1: Access the lower compartment

The lower compartment will be right beneath the needle and it will be enclosed by a small cover. You should be able to remove the cover easily. If you cannot, check the user manual to know the procedure of doing it. After removing it, you will find the bobbin’s case where we are going to install the bobbin. 

Step-2: Position the bobbin on the case

Before you start, pull the thread’s endpoint to release some threads. Just unwind an adequate amount of thread so that you can easily catch it from the handwheel. Now put the bobbin on the compartment following the user-manuals guide. Then pass the thread’s endpoint in the opposite V-shaped path (or check diagram).

Step-3: Catch the threads

Now put back the cover on the compartment. You should still be able to pull the thread from bobbin by turning the endpoint.  Now turn the handwheels a few times and when the thread starts popping, grab it using your left hand. Leave around 6 inches of the threads from both ends to work smoothly.


That’s it, you are done threading the Brother Sewing Machine. We will recommend you to follow the user manual along with the guide while threading practically. This will make the steps much more comfortable and quick. We hope after reading the guide, it will be easier for you to thread a brother sewing machine.

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