Brother SE625 Reviews – Multi-function Sewing / Embroidery Machine 2021

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The Brother SE625 is one of the most popular computerized sewing cum embroidery machines currently. It is packed with some of the versatile features to offer you a decent sewing and embroidery performance. As a computerized machine, it is extremely easy to use and also ensures efficient stitches.

If you are planning to purchase a computerized embroidery machine, then the SE625 can be a great pick. Go through the in-depth Brother SE625 reviews to know more about the machine.

Below, we will let you know our thoughts about the machine. You will also be able to know what the other users think about the machine.

Brother SE625 Reviews

Are Brother Sewing Machines Good Quality?

Brother is one of the most prevalent manufacturers of sewing machines. The company was established in 1908 and it is still one of the most reliable choices of the customer. Brother sewing machines are made of the highest quality material and they are well-engineered, ensuring you the optimum performance.

The best thing about the brother sewing machine is they are pretty inexpensive when compared with the other top-notch brands. Brother manufacturers both the classic and computerized sewing machines. The computerized sewing machines of the manufacturer are more popular.

They have bought sewing machines like SE600, SE625, SE400, which are still dominating the market. The most impressive thing about the machines is they combine both embroidery and general sewing functionality. The automatic machines can make your embroidery or stitching done within the quickest time.

Brother SE625 Specification

In short of time? Then here is the specification table to be familiar with the Brother SE625 quickly. It got some versatile characteristics that will impress you for sure.

Dimensions21.06 x 16.42 x 15.28 inches
Weight25.3 pounds
Stitches 103 built-in stitches
Total Embroidery Design280 (80 built-ins, 200 in CD)
Presser Feet7 quick-change sewing feet
Highest Sewing Speed710 stitches per minute 
Voltage 110v
WarrantyUp to 25 years

Why Brother SE625? What Should I Look After When Buying?

The Brother SE625 is one of the most reliable sewing and embroidery machines that you can select for a solid performance. The feature-rich machine is appropriately optimized to ensure decent performance. It arrives with 103 stitches, which are more than enough for most of the projects. 

The machine also brings you up to 280 embroidery design with 80 built-in and 200 in the CD. Doing embroidery with the machine is extremely easy. It doesn’t even require any manual work. All you need to do is select the right embroidery design and the machine will start doing the embroidery on your fabric automatically. 

You have a wide variety of choices for both stitches and embroidery designs. The colorful screen of the sewing machine lets you choose the correct settings of the machine. More so, you will be able to control the other features from the screen with ease. 

Most of the features of the device are automated which means it is extremely easy to use. Such as, it has an automatic needle threader that threads the needle with a touch of a leaver. Besides, there are automatic thread cutter, automatic needle threader, automatic bobbin winder, and such other amazing features.  

Though a heavy-duty and multipurpose sewing machine, the Brother SE625 is surprisingly lightweight. Finally, it is a sewing machine that you can actually lift. Though lightweight, the machine includes durable components and body, ensuring you a long-term performance. 

Features of Brother SE625 Sewing Machine:

There are so many features in the Brother SE625 machine which makes it one of the best choices in the market. Below, we will describe some of the top features of the machine. 

Computerized Functionalities:

The Brother SE625 sewing machine ensures you the highest level of ease of use with all the computerized functions. Starting from the switch on/off button and selecting the stitches or embroidery you can even cut the thread automatically. Besides, you can precisely control the swing speed at a variable range. 

Colorful Touch Display:

Another impressive feature of the Brother SE625 machine is its colorful and touch-responsive display. You will not find a lot of sewing machine with such an optimized display. The 3.2-inch speed allows you to easily adjust everything with the touch of a fingertip. 

Number of Stitches and Embroidery:

The Brother SE625 machine brings you the largest number of embroidery and stitches pattern when compared with the other available choices. You should find all the common and some unique design patterns in the device which can be easily utilized from the display. 

Support USB for Importing Design:

Don’t satisfied with the built-in stitches and embroidery designs? Don’t worry. The Brother SE625 supports USB, allowing you to import an additional design from your computer. By utilizing the mean, you can import vast of .PES embroidery designs from the internet on the machine. 

Pretty Big Working Area:

The Brother SE625 machine features a 6.4″ x 4.1″ working area that is suitable for most of embroidery and sewing projects. Furthermore, there are LED lights that will light up the working area to make your work easier and comfortable.

Other Features of the Brother SE625:

  • Jam resistant and quick drop bobbin. 
  • Animated and built-in working tutorials. 
  • 7 easy to change presser feet. 
  • Easy one-step automatic buttonholes.
  • Foot controller to control the sewing speed. 
  • Automatic needle up/down. 
  • Automatic needle threader and cutter. 

What Users Say about Brother SE625 Sewing Machine

Brother SE625 machine is reviewed positively by most of the users. Most of the users find the device pretty easy to learn and use. Here are some of the reviews from the users. 

Some of the users of the Brother SE625 found some issues with the machine. The most common claim as per the customer is the machine is overpriced. There were some issues regarding the pressing feet and needle. 

Expert Opinion

We believe that the Brother SE625 machine can be a great fit for any beginner and novices. It has computerized functionalities which let the beginner work easily and efficiently. With a larger number of sewing and embroidery patterns, the machine can also be a great fit for professional sewers. 

Considering the price of the other sewing machines in the market, the Brother SE625 is not also very costly. If you are new to sewing and embroidery, then the Brother SE625 can be an absolute no-brainer for you.

FAQ on Brother SE625:

Can the Brother SE625 sew denim?

The SE625 is a powerful sewing machine and it allows you to work on a variety of thick fabrics. You can easily stitch on the denim jeans and other bulky fabrics like towels, hats, etc. without any issues.

Does it have a start and stop button?

Yes, the Brother SE625 machine includes a start and stop button to control the machine. After connecting the machine to the electricity, it can be turned on or off using the appropriate button. 

How many stitches per minute will the se625 embroider?

The maximum sewing speed of the SE625 is 710 stitches per minute. You can easily control the stitching speed with the foot controller. 

How to upload the design on the Brother SE625?

Brother SE625 support . PES format files. Choose the file you want to upload and save it on your computer. Then connect the USB with the computer and send the file to the machine through USB. 

What is the hoop size of the Brother SE625?

The hoop size of the Brother SE625 IS 4X4’’ which is suitable for most projects. There is also a 4×4” embroidery field in the machine. 

Where can I find/purchase the USB cable for this machine?

You don’t need any specialized USB cable for the Brother SE625. In fact, you can use any USB device for connecting the machine with the computer. The USB 2.0 Cable that you employ to charge the phone can be also used.

Are SE625 and SE600 the same?

Though the outlook and most features of the Brother SE625 and SE600 are identical, they are not actually the same. The Brother SE625 features a colorful display and a greater number of patterns which you will not find in the Brother SE600.

Does the SE625 have a button that cuts the thread?

Yes, there is a button to cut the thread automatically in the Brother SE625. You can also automatically thread the machine by utilizing a lever.

Final Verdict

The Brother SE625 is one machine that is capable of doing embroidery, stitching, quilting, and everything you need. It is easy to use with a massive array of features to let you work on a variety of projects. You can be fully assured about a top-notch and efficient performance from the technologically advanced sewing cum embroidery machine. 

If you are searching for a sewing or embroidery machine that can perform for a long time with full efficiency then you should definitely go for the Brother SE625. You might be Interested to our Another Brother Sewing machine: