Brother SE600 vs SE625: Which One is Better?

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The Brother SE600 and SE625 two of the best selection for computerized sewing machines currently. However, we will recommend you the SE625 as it brings improved performance and an enhanced feature-set. You will also get additional embroidery design in a CD with the model.

The SE600 and SE625 both are indeed amazing sewing cum embroidery machine. Both of them arrive with almost the same features and looks. But as you are getting more from the SE625, we think it is better for you.

Brother SE600 vs SE625 Which One is Better

Why is Brother SE625 Computerized Sewing Machine the best?

The Brother SE600 AND SE625 are like identical twins and it can be quite hard to select the right one amongst them. However, we will recommend everyone to go for the SE625 as it offers additional and improvised features. The machine can be suitable for any beginner or professional venture with versatile arrays of the feature. 

The additional features of the Brother SE625 include a CD with 200 extra embroidery designs. You can easily upload on the machine using a USB from the computer. The SE600 doesn’t include any additional embroidery design in the CD. However, you can upload the design on it by purchasing the design separately.

Another improvised feature of SE625 is its display which comes with better color than the SE600. The touch-responsive display makes it easier for anyone to quickly select the design. Moreover, you can also preview the final output. Even if you are a beginner, you can make yourself ready within no time with the included user manual. 

Paying a little extra for these improvements shouldn’t be a deal-breaker as you are going to get better performance and versatility. However, f you don’t think it is worth more just for the extra embroidery designs, then you may go for the SE600.

SE625 Vs Brother SE600 at a Glance

If you are short of time, then you can quickly go through the basic specifications and features to get an inkling of the devices.  

Brother SE625Brother SE600
Package IncludesMachine, Arm, Embroidery Hoop, foot, bobbins, sewing feet, needles, foot controller, cover, tools, CD, user-manual, etc. Machine, foot controller, Embroidery Hoop, foot, bobbins, sewing feet, needles, tools, foot controller, cover, user-manual, etc. 
Embroidery Area4×4’’4×4’’
Weight25.3 pounds11.82 pounds
Embroidery Designs 80 built-ins (200 in CD)80 built-ins
ConnectivityUSB ConnectivityUSB Connectivity
Sewing Feet77
Display3.2’’ backlit touchscreen 3.2’’ backlit touchscreen
Working LightIlluminated LEDsIlluminated LEDs
PriceCheck on AmazonCheck on Amazon

Difference and similarity of Brother SE625 Vs Brother SE600

As the name suggests, the Brother SE625 and Brother SE600 both arrive from the popular sewing machine manufacturer company Brother. Brother is a reliable name in the computerized sewing machine industry. It is known for manufacturing technologically advanced, feature-rich, and well-engineered machines at a pocket-friendly price.

As predecessor and successor, the SE625 and SE600 both arrive with an identical look and similar arrays of features. Both of the machines feature a 4×4” embroidery area and a 3.2 colorful LCD touchscreen. You can choose the embroidery design, stitch, and patterns from the display. You can also control the stitch length, width, and other things from it.

There are 80 built-in embroidery designs and 103 stitches in both of the devices. However, Brother SE625 includes additional 200 embroidery designs in a CD drive. Both of the sewing machines support USB connectivity to upload new embroidery designs from the computer. The SE625 has a higher weight than the SE600.

Some other common features of the sewing machine include bright LEDs, additional arms, drop-in Bobbin, 8 style buttonholes, 7 sewing feet, etc. As you see, almost all the features of the computerized sewing machine are similar. And the differences include an extra CD and a little bit different graphics on the SE625.

Brother SE600 vs SE625 Review

Even though Brother SE600 and SE625 are like identical twins, we will recommend you to go through the review from below. Specially, you will be able to understand whether or not the device is suitable for your preferences. Check out the detailed review of the Brother SE600 and SE625 from below. 

Brother SE625 Computerized Sewing and Embroidery Machine

Brother SE625 is a reliable and versatile sewing and embroidery machine that is currently dominating the market. The best thing about the sewing machine is it can be used for both sewing and embroidery monogramming. 

The most praised feature of the Brother SE625 is the computerized controls. There are three buttons and an LCD to control the device foot-free. You can even cut the button automatically with a press on the button. In case you don’t want to enjoy the automatic mode, you can do this manually too.

The sewing and embroidery machine includes seven presser feet for allowing you to perform all the common types of sewing. These varieties of options allow you to sew zippers, stitches, hems, buttons, and many more things. The machine includes up to 103 built-in stitches, including all the most used options.

There is a 3.2-inch color display that comes into play while doing embroidery. You can select the embroidery design or preferred stitch using the display. You can also change the stitch width or length. Besides, you can check the preview of the final outcome. There, you will also get recommendations for the best presser foot option. 

Key Features:

  • Computerized sewing and embroidery machine with automated operation.
  • Include 3.2-inch colorful smart display to select the design and stitch preference.
  • Include 280 embroidery design; 80 built-ins, and 200 on the included CD.
  •  Drag and drop feature for moving and positioning the embroidery design.  
  • Built-in color palette to change the color with one touch on the display. 
  • 103 built-in beautiful and decorative stitches with 8 buttonholes. 


  • Well-engineered and automated machine for efficient sewing/ embroidery. 
  • Easy to use and no prior experience is required. 
  • Almost no chances of error on stitch or embroidery design as automated. 
  • Allow you to import new embroidery designs from the computer with USB.
  • Preview options to acknowledge the final output before sewing. 


  • The 4×4” embroidery design area may be small for some projects. 
  • Some users find the maximum sewing speed of the machine pretty slow.

Let’s take a quick look at the differences, If if you are in a hurry

Buying Advice: The Brother SE625 is a technologically advanced machine that is capable of doing sewing and embroidery. As it offers automated operations, you will not require giving a lot of effort to operate it. If you are into both sewing and embroideries, then the machine will be an absolute no brainer for you. 

Brother SE600 Sewing and Embroidery Machine

The Brother SE600 is currently one of the best-selling and top-rated sewing and embroidery machines. The compact sewing machine can ensure an impressive performance for the long-term. It features a 4×4-inches embroidery field, suitable for most hobbyist and home-based embroiderers. 

The Brother SE600 features a 3.2-inch responsive touchscreen display to make your work done with the touch of a fingertip. You can choose and review the embroidery designs from the display. There are around 80 built-in embroidery designs in it. You can also upload additional designs as it supports USB connectivity.

The Brother SE600 also features built-in 103 sewing stitches that are suitable for most home sewing projects. Besides, there are 7 sewing feet, offering you a new level of versatility for all types of projects. Setting the bobbin is also very easy and smooth with the patterned Quick-Set Bobbin feature. 

The Brother SE600 includes features like an automatic cutter, finisher, threader, etc. Such computerized functions make the whole sewing experience comfortable and fulfilling for you. It also includes some LEDs that light up the entire working area. As a result, you can comfortably perceive what’s going on. 

Key Features:

  • Computerized sewing machine and embroidery machine with 4×4’’ area.
  • 3.2’’ touch-responsive color display to select and preview the embroidery. 
  • Include 80 embroidery designs and 103 stitches with the option of the edit.
  • Features automatic cutter, finisher, and threader with Quick-set bobbin. 
  • Include LEDs to light up your working area; Supports USB for uploading. 
  • Maximum Sewing Speed 710 Stitches per Minute. 


  •  Compact in size; save a lot of space as combined functions of two machines.
  • Easy to use with fully automatic computerized features.
  • Faster sewing speed and built-in preset makes your job done faster. 
  • Offer excellent stitch quality on all types of fabrics. 
  • High-quality and smooth thread cutters that work efficiently. 


  • It could be better if there were an included software for embroidery. 
  • The embroidery area is small (but you can do more by breaking it up into sections).

Let’s take a quick look at the differences:

Buying Advice: As an operator of the manual sewing or embroidery machine, you may think it can be hard to cope with the computerized device. But as our research, we found that using the machine is surprisingly straightforward. It can be a great companion for you for faster, efficient, and comfortable sewing and embroidering.

FAQ on Brother SE600 and SE625:

Here are some common queries that may hit your mind while selecting a computerized embroidery and sewing machine.

Which Brother embroidery machine is the best?

Based on the customer reviews and users count, the SE600 is considered as the best-computerized embroidery machine. The best-selling list also includes the Brother SE625 and SE400.

How long do computerized sewing machines last?

Any computerized sewing machine should be at least more than 5 years old. However, the exceptional sewing machines from Brother can last more than 25 years. Some of the models of the computerized sewing machine arrive with up to 25 years of warranty coverage.

What format do Brother se600 and se625 use?

The SE600 and SE625 computerized machines use .PES and .DST format for the included embroidery designs. If you want to upload additional embroidery design on the machine, then you must select files with these formats.

What is the advantage of a computerized sewing machine?

The biggest benefit of the computerized sewing machine is the ease of use. As the operation of the device is automated, you can effortlessly sew for a long time. Besides, the device offers precise and faster sewing that you will not get while manual sewing.

Is a computerized sewing machine better?

A computerized sewing machine offers better control, faster stitching, and a wide variety of pre-included stitch patterns. Some sewing machines even combine multiple functionalities like sewing, embroidering, and much more.

Can the brother se600 embroidery hats?

The SE600 embroidery can be a great option at a pocket-friendly price for the embroidery hats. It has various built-in design options and an adequate design area. You can craft exceptionally nice embroidery hats using the machine.


If you are planning to buy a computerized embroidery cum sewing machine, then it would be better to go for the SE600 or SE625. Now after reading the above write-up, you should grasp the features and performance of the devices. You will also understand which will be the best for you amongst these two.

As a final suggestion, we will recommend you the SE625, if you want large arrays of embroidery design and improvised performance. If you are short on budget, then we will suggest the SE600 sewing machine. 

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