Brother PE770 Reviews –You Must Need to Know

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If you have been here, you must be interested to know about the Brother PE770 embroidery machine. We must admit you have great taste. You made an excellent decision by choosing the Brother PE770 machine. It is an award-winner and top-notch computerized embroidery machine with outstanding features.

If you have a plan to purchase the machine, we will recommend you go through the detailed Brother PE770 reviews. It will enable you to distinguish various aspects of the embroidery device. You can easily decide whether the machine will be suitable for you or not.

Brother PE770 Embroidery Machine Review

The Brother PE770 is one of the popular embroidery machines from the brand Brother. It is a feature-rich device to suit the requirements of any professional embroider. The device is also pretty easy to use. Check out the in-depth Brother PE770 review of the sewing machine from below.

Embroidery Performance

The Brother PE770 Embroidery Machine includes 136 unique built-in embroidery designs with eight styles of auto-size buttonholes. Besides, there are 110 alphanumeric stitches in the machine with six lettering fonts. Such a vast library makes the device suitable for any embroidery project. 

The included embroidery patterns include florals, quilt patterns, scrollwork, and much more. There are also 12 border styles and ten frame shapes in the computerized embroidery machine. 

One of the impressive things about the machine is it includes a broad 5×7 inches embroidery field. Such an expansive design makes the device suitable for larger projects like bags, jackets, home decors, etc. You can smoothly work on any size of embroidery design while combining or rotating the design as required. 

Import Design

With the Brother PE770 Embroidery Machine, you don’t need to stick with the built-in designs. There are several ways to import additional designs into the device. It has an embroidery card slot to expand the library with reusable designs. There are personalized embroidery cards available from the Brother brand, which you can purchase separately. 

The machine also features a USB port, letting you import embroidery designs from your PC. There are a large number of embroidery designs available free of charge on the internet. You can add to the machine by connecting it with a PC by utilizing the USB. 

Edit the Designs

Another excellent is there is a built-in design editor in the device. It lets you perform a variety of edits, including rotate, resize, mirror, etc. You can make any design suitable based on your project by using the built-in editor. It even allows you to select the personalized height and width of the sewing. 

Ease of Use

The Brother PE770 is a computerized device. That means most of the works are automated and button-based. There are very few works that need to be done manually. It stops automatically when it is low on thread. Problematic tasks like needle threading and bobbin winding are also fully automatic. 

The machine also allows you to pause the operation anytime to make the adjustments. Besides, it has an intuitive and large touchscreen display that enables you to choose, edit, or personalize the designs. There is a detailed user manual and many tutorials online that you can use to understand the machine quickly. 

Durable Construction

Like all other sewing machines from Brother, the Brother PE770 Embroidery Machine also arrives with outstanding quality construction. The robust metal and plastic structure of the device ensures long-term durability. The included attachments are also precise in terms of quality. 

The machine arrives with a 25 years limited warranty from the manufacturer, ensuring you a worry-free performance for decades.

Included Attachments

The PE770 Embroidery Machine includes all the accessories you will ever need. It arrives with 14 presser feet, a wide table, circular sewing attachments, an embroidery hoop, and a needle set. Some other extensions are the dust cover, embroidery arm, bobbins, spool cap, scissors, screwdriver, brush, etc.

Brother PE770 Specifications:

  • Dimension: 21.2 x 16.9 x 17.3 inches
  • Weight: 26.95 Pounds
  • Material: Metal
  • Bobbin Type: Drop-in Top Bobbin
  • Needle Threader: Automatic
  • Embroidery: 136 Built-in designs
  • Presser Feet: 14 sewing feet
  • Operation: Automatic
  • Buttonholes: 8 style, auto-size
  • Speed: N/A
  • Warranty: 25 Years

Why Do We Love It?

  • Premium quality and efficient embroidery performance. 
  • Incredibly easy to use with automatic features.
  • Include all the accessories you will ever need. 
  • Features an extensive variety of built-in designs.
  • Different ways to add new designs, through USB and SD card.
  • The built-in editor allows you to edit the designs.
  • Large embroidery area for expansive projects.
  • Variable speed control through button/ presser feet.
  • Well-designed working area with bright LEDs.

What Should Improve?

  • The device doesn’t feature a stabilized; you need to purchase separately.
  • The tension adjustment is manual and troublesome.
  • Missing information in the user manual. 

The Advantages Of Brother PE770?

Here are some of the main selling point of the Brother PE770 embroidery machine:

  • It is available at an affordable price. No other embroidery machine in its price range can offer you a better performance.
  • Though an affordable machine, it can beat any $1000 heavy-duty embroidery machines in the market. It offers you incredible stitch quality. 
  • The machine offers you adequate flexibility. You can edit the embroidery design. Besides, you can import additional designs through USB and SD cards. You will never run out of new design ideas with the machine.
  • It can ensure long-term performance. The brother device arrives with 25 years of warranty, assuring you a long-term use without any issues.  

Can I Add New Designs and Patterns to This Machine?

Yes, the embroidery machine enables you to add as much design as you want. It has an SD card slot to expand the memory and add newer designs. There are available SD cards filled with an embroidery design from the manufacturer. Furthermore, you can connect the machine with a PC to import design. 

There are large numbers of free embroideries designs available for free download. You can save the designs on the PC and then import them into the machine by using USB connectivity. Make sure to select or convert the files into PES or DST before adding.


One of the common issues in the embroidery machines nowadays is their limitation. Most of the devices arrive with a fixed number of basic design patterns. However, the Brother PE770 is not like these. It enables you to import unlimited patterns in multiple ways.

Apart from the flexibilities, the machine also ensures you highly efficient stitches. It also arrives with an extensive array of kits, letting you work on a wide variety of features. It is available at an affordable price, but the machine can beat any premium and expensive competitor.

From the Brother PE770 Reviews, you have already known the features and capabilities of the machine. If it fits your requirements, you should purchase the device without any further thought.