Brother LX3817 Sewing Machine Reviews in 2021

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Are you searching for a beginner-friendly sewing machine? If so, then the Brother LX3817 Sewing Machine can be an excellent pick for you. The machine arrives with just the basic features, which makes it extremely easy to operate. It can be a suitable choice for anyone who wants to kickstart the sewing journey.

So, what are the features the Brother LX3817 can offer? What are some other advantages of sewing machines? Keep reading the article on Brother LX3817 Sewing Machine reviews to know everything about the device.

Brother LX3817 Sewing Machine Reviews
Brother LX3817 Sewing Machine Reviews

Are Brother Sewing Machines Good Quality?

Brother is one of the world’s top sewing machine manufacturers. The Japan-based sewing machine producer company has been in the market for around a century. They have manufactured around 60 million sewing machines, the highest in the industry. The topnotch and high-quality sewing machines last for decades.

Brother manufactures both classic and computerized sewing machines. They are currently leading the computerized sewing machine industry with automatic patented features. Computerized sewing machines from brother combines a variety of functionalities like stitching, embroidery, and much more things.

While purchasing a sewing machine, you can be fully assured about the quality by selecting a Brother sewing machine. These devices are made of high-quality components that stay okay even under heavy usage. By combining the quality, ease of use, and durable construction, Brothers sewing machines are unbeatable.

Brother sewing machines also offer you extensive warranty coverages, which you will not find in the competitor manufacturers. Most of the brother sewing machines arrive with 25 years limited warranty, ensuring you the quality craftsmanship of the product.

Brother LX3817 Sewing Machine Details Specification:

In short of time? Then check out the Brother LX3817’s quick specification to acknowledge the machine.

Dimensions12.1″ x 5.8″ x 15.4″ inches
Weight11 pounds
Stitches17 built-in stitches
Presser Feet4 presser feet
Highest Sewing Speed850 stitches per minute
Buttonhole TypesFour-step buttonhole
WarrantyUp to 25 years

Why Brother LX3817? What Should I Look After When Buying?

Brother is mostly popular for manufacturing sewing machine that offers versatile performance and especially suitable for the professionals. However, Brother LX3817 is one of the very few products of the manufacturer, which is designed to be easy to use and suit any beginners.

Typically, the heavy-duty sewing machines are not that suitable for beginners as they arrive with a bunch of features. So, the manufacturer Brother brings you an entire series of beginner-friendly and cost-effective LX series. The LX3817 is one of the best-selling products of the series.

The machine arrives with the basic features, making it a perfect choice for anyone who wants to start stitching. Furthermore, the sewing device is available at a budget price, allowing you to start the sewing journey without paying a huge amount. There are 17 stitches, enabling you to perform all the basic sewing works.

The machine also features an automatic bobbin winding, making your job much easier. Though there is no automatic thread needle, you can easily perform the task by following the included instruction. There are also buttonhole presser and button sewing presser for inserting buttons on fabric easily.

Though a basic sewing machine, it can sew a variety of fabrics. As per the manufacturer, the machine can smoothly stitch fabrics up to 6mm or thinner. Some other features of the machine include a built-in free arm, working LEDs, multiple presser feet, etc.

Key Features of Brother LX3817:

  • 17 different stitches to work on various sewing projects.
  • Automatic quick-set and drop-in bobbin winding. 
  • 4 step beginner-friendly buttonholes. 
  • Stitch different types of fabrics (up to 6mm).
  • Lightweight construction, only 11 pounds.  

Pros of Brother LX3817 Machine:

  • Beginner-friendly, extremely easy to operate.
  • Lightweight and portable constructions.
  • Include a detailed instruction manual.
  • Quality construction; suitable for long-term use.

Cons of Brother LX3817 Machine:

  • The LEDs are not that bright. 
  • Suitable for a limited number of sewing tasks. 

Features of Brother LX3817 Sewing Machine

The Brother LX3817 sewing machine includes all the required features for decent sewing experience. Check out the detailed review of the main features of the sewing machine. 

17 Sewing Stitches

The Brother LX3817 lets you perform 17 types of stitches, which are adequate for most of the basic sewing jobs. There are 6 straight stitches, where 5 of them are for 1mm to 4mm, and the other is for 2.5mm. There are three zigzag stitches in 0.7mm to 2mm length and 1.8mm to 5mm width length. 

There are also 3 satin stitches with a four-step buttonhole stitch, stretch blind hem stitch, elastic stitch, blind hem stitch, double-action stitch, bridging stitch, and an overedge stitch. 

Automatic Bobbin Threading

An impressive feature of the Brother LX3817 is its automatic bobbin winding setup. You can easily wind the bobbin by following the diagram manual aside from the component. After completing the wind, all you need to do is drop it underneath the bobbin case. You will not require lure the bobbin thread manually.

Manual Needle Threading

The Brother LX3817 doesn’t include any automatic needle threading technology. But it is pretty easy to thread the needle by hand in the machine. You can follow the diagram on the machine or the instruction manual to know more about needle threading. After threading the needle a few times, it will become much easier for you. 

Four-step Buttonhole Presser

The Brother LX3817 features a four-step buttonhole presser. There is also a button sewing presser foot in the machine. You will need to follow an “a to d” steps for creating the buttonholes and use the button sewing foot to stitch it. We must admit creating buttonholes with the Brother LX3817 machine will be a little bit tricky for beginners. 

Built-in Free Arm

A unique feature of the Brother LX3817 is its built-in free arm. After removing the flat-bed attachment that holds the accessories, you will find the arm. The feature will be very beneficial while stitching shirt sleeves, pant legs, and other things. 

Portable and Well-Engineered

The overall weight of the Brother LX3817 is only 11 pounds. It is pretty low when compared with most of the manual sewing machines out there. The lower weight makes the machine highly portable and convenient. You can even carry the sewing machine to classes.

We also liked the craftsmanship of the machine, where all the features are nicely optimized for the beginner and novices. We didn’t find a lot of sewing machine that arrives with quality construction at such a low price.

What Users Say about Brother LX3817 Sewing Machine

The Brother LX3817 gets an impressive rating from the users. The affordable price, ease of use, durable construction, etc. make the machine a choice for the users. Here are some of the user’s opinion about the Brother LX3817:

  • I am a professional seamstress but only have a powerful machine. It only sews straight seams. I also have an overlock machine but needed something that does buttonholes, zig-zag, decorative stitches. This was it. Not complicated at all, especially with the CD with all the directions on “HOW TO USE!!! ” The directions are very clear, and I have made 30 AMERICAN GIRL DOLL dresses, costumes, hats, coats, and jackets with zippers. I love this machine!!!
  • It seems easy to use, and it came with a DVD that helped explain how to use it.
  • Just received my Brother’s sewing machine so haven’t had a chance to actually use it completely, but the setup was easy, and I tried a few sample stitches that came out perfect from the beginning.

Expertly Opinion

They are not a lot of sewing machines out there like Brother LX3817 that is perfect in every way. At such an affordable price, the machine does more than enough when it comes to basic sewing works. Furthermore, it includes up to 25 years limited warranty, ensuring you the long-term usability.

If you are searching for a beginner-friendly sewing machine that is easy to operate, then the Brother LX3817 can be an absolute no brainer for you. It even includes a CD that teaches you how to master the device within the shortest time. It will be a perfect choice for anyone who wants to learn or just started sewing.

FAQ on Brother LX3817 Sewing Machine

Some frequently asked questions about Brother LX3817 sewing machine:

What’s the warranty policy of Brother LX3817?

The Brother LX3817 provides a one-year warranty for the parts, accessories, and labor. It offers a massive 25 years warranty for the chassis/ body of the sewing machine.

Can I use Brother LX3817 for quilting?

The Brother LX3817 sewing machine can be used for basic quilting. Note that there is no free-motion quilting feature on the machine. However, you can free-motion quilting by adding a darning plate on the machine.

Can I sew denim with the Brother LX3817?

The Brother LX3817 sewing machine can sew any fabric that has a thickness of around 5mm or less. That means you can sew denim using the machine. However, make sure to utilize the right accessories while doing so.

Does it have a lighted work area?

The Brother LX3817 includes LEDs on the working area. The features come as handy while working on dark. However, some users claim the LEDs are not thar bright.

Can you replace the LED lights on Brother LX3817?

Fortunately, you can replace the LED lights on the Brother LX3817 sewing machine. However, you may require help from a mechanic to make it happen.

Final Verdict

The Brother LX3817 can be a great companion for a beginner sewing to sharpen their sewing skills. With features like 17 different stitches, multiple presser feet, automatic bobbin winder, etc., the sewing machine is currently one of the best sewing machines for beginners 

If you are searching for a budget-friendly basic sewing machine, the Brother LX3817 will undoubtedly the best choice for you. We assure you that it will satisfy you for sure. Besides, you will get up to 25 years warranty, ensuring you a almost lifelong use.